The Dark Tower Idris Elba Roland (Deschain) Cotton Vest



The Dark Tower Idris Elba Vest

The vests are equally popular in the garment industry. People like to wear such styles in summer mostly. This vest is an inspiration of Idris Elba and has been fabricated utilizing the cotton material and looks immaculate in all viewpoints, the shading and the style of this outerwear is additionally something that gives a tolerable look and an agreeable vibe. The shading is grey, and can easily pair up with most attires. The front conclusion included snap locks which make this magnificence stand apart from the typical sorts of the outer layer. This one is entirely tough as well and the purchasers have an alternative to getting their hands-on various sizes.

Product Features:

  • Grey color
  • High-quality cotton material
  • Inner viscose lining
  • Multiple inward pockets
  • V- Neckline


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