Kelly McGillis Aviator Top Gun Leather Jacket

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Women Top Gun Leather Jacket, a true love affair

A leather upper inspired by celebrities is always a treat for the fans. Dressing and looking like your favorite big name is a feeling that every fan always has. There are many leather coats inspired by different movies and almost all of them do pretty good justice with the reincarnation unless you get it from an untrusted source. Top Gun costume has not only been adored and worn by male celebrities but also by many of the women stars. It is not at all wrong to say that Charlotte Charlie’s attire has got it all to be a lady’s fashion statement.

One such movie, which has left an everlasting impression on its fans in terms of their personality is a 1986 action drama film Top Gun. In this movie, one of the most iconic and admired characters in the history of Hollywood was played by Kelly McGillis. She acted as Charlie, and boy did she look fabulous in the bomber jacket of hers.

The best thing about this cosplay jacket is that it was not only worn by Kelly McGillis during her action scenes but also casually. This outwear was also worn with a white button-down blouse and jeans. It certainly was a very dashing combination. To cut it short, it is a really good option for women who like to dress smartly and wants Charlotte Charlie Blackwood leather outfit to compliment the personality. Having been one of the most sought after jackets, it is surely a must-have for all the fashion fanatics.

Product Description:

  • Designed in traditional black color
  • Military patches at the front and sleeves.
  • Shirt-style collar
  • Zipper for complete closing.
  • Pockets at the outer
  • The comfortable and soft fabric inside

1 review for Kelly McGillis Aviator Top Gun Leather Jacket

  1. Shirley Pereira

    I waited a few weeks before posting a review so I could base it on experience and not just initial reaction and I’m glad I did. Great quality and workmanship. Got many compliments from friends and family members and shared your link with friends. This jacket is great.

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