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Detroit Become Human Android RK200 Jesse Williams (Markus) Black Coat

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Detroit Become Human Android RK200 Markus Black Coat

The Android RK200 model, played by Jesse Williams, becomes a crucial character in the engrossing universe of “Detroit: Become Human,” a story that explores identity, autonomy, and the fundamental qualities of mankind. Williams’ depiction gives the android, which is renowned for its extraordinary intelligence and special talents, more depth and subtlety. RK200’s journey negotiates the complex relationships between humans and androids as the tale takes place in the vibrant city of Detroit, upending stereotypes and encouraging reflection on what it means to be alive. Under Williams’ direction, the figure of RK200 enthrals viewers and draws them into an insightful examination of morality and personal growth in a society on the verge of upheaval.

Product Attributes:

We present the “Detroit Become Human Black Coat,” an elegant and fashionable outfit that aims to embody the spirit of Markus from the critically renowned video game. This coat is made with great care and attention to detail. It has a shirt collar with a zip closing that goes all the way up, guaranteeing both utility and a contemporary look. The elegant contrast of grey and black radiates refinement and charm, and the modest yet eye-catching black sleeves with grey cuffs complete the look. This black cotton coat provides comfort without sacrificing style because it is made of premium cotton. The Markus Black Coat is guaranteed to turn heads, whether you’re a gamer or just looking for a stylish statement item.

Why Opt for Us?

For the ideal fusion of fashion and meaning, go for our “Jesse Williams Black Coat”. Made from premium materials, it embodies the recognisable spirit of Markus, the game’s main character. This unique coat will add flair to your outfit and effortlessly combine fashion and fandom.

Chic Style

Maintaining a black and white color palette can help you create a unified appearance. Wear the coat with slim jeans or black leather leggings, black ankle boots, and a black turtleneck or fitting sweater. This gives the impression sleek and edgy, matching the style of the coat.

  • Collar: Shirt-style collar with zipper till top
  • Front: Zipper at the front for complete closure. Dark black patches at the front for styling
  • Sleeves: Black patches at the sleeves with grey cuffs
  • Color: Attractive grey and black color combination
  • Material: Cotton


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